2017 St Paddy's Day Bash!

Board members for the 2017 Bash

The Board Members who brought us the 2017 St. Paddy's Day Bash!

Back row: John, Jeff, Debbie, Peggy, Jan, Dan, Cheryl, Jack, and Tim
Front row: Jeff, Wendy, Michelle, Alyssa, Connie

If the Luck o' the Irish is with us, we'll get more photos up in this gallery as time goes on!
(We haven't been so lucky yet. Sorry!)

Annual Fundraising Events!

St. Paddy's Day Bash

Foundation Board at the 2015 Bash

Price: about $95/person

Takes place on St. Patrick's
Day annually.

El Azteca Restaurant

El Azteca Restaurant logo

Price: Dinner!

This annual event usually
takes place early December

Hearts for Hospice 

Hearts for Hospice green hearts

Price: Dinner!

Look for this night around
Valentine's Day annually.